I love to paint and draw and have done so since I
was very young. I have created all kinds of
paintings in many mediums, selling and showing
since 1978. I love the outdoors and animals and it
shows in my artwork. Nature provides a sense of
awe, peacefullness and can even be therapeutic. I
try to bring that into my paintings.  I believe we all
have a guardian angel and you can look for them in
most of my artwork! I do comissioned work! If the
commissioned work does not please you when
finished you are not obligated to purchase it.
Also, I can do gift certificates.
I specialize in the following:
.Horses and Pet portraits in watercolor, oil, or
.Landscapes in watercolor and oil

I also do:
.Wall Murals
email me at horsesandhorizonsart click here
Horses & Horizons Art
About the Artist
Horses & Horizons Art
Activities & Awards

* 2000 Member- Paris Texas Art
* 1995-98- designed church
directory and wall murals

* 1982-1998- won several Best
of shows & First & Second
awards- Southern Iowa Fair

* 1982- designed & painted   
signs for Southern Iowa Fair

* 1995-98-designed & painted
set work for Community
Drama's & advertising signs

* 1995-Taught an art class in
painting & drawing

1992- North Light Art School

1992- Completed course in  
Interior Design

Member-Phi Theta Kappa
* Art Courses Taken

o Computer Graphics
(Adobe Photoshop,
Illustrator and Quark  
o Design I and Design II
o Art Appreciation
o Drawing I and II
o Ceramics

LeeAnn Rost
Freelance Artist since 1978- in oils, watercolors,
graphite and calligraphy

Watercolor-Not For

In Loving Memory
of my son Ben
"Free Spirits"- 16" x 20" oil just finished April
email: leeann.rost@yahoo.com
Commission of
Kristy and her
horse in
watercolor, just
finished 5/13
Commisioned painting for
Willemina of her daughter
and her horse at an
endurance ride. May 2013